TNT on Moodle

Training in New Technologies is an online learning platform designed to help improve the practical knowledge and skills of library professionals.

The course was funded by the Public Libraries Improvement Fund (PLIF) and is supported by Moodle – a robust, and secure system which creates personalized learning environments.

It takes a comprehensive look at digital devices and web services – equipping staff with the confidence to promote digital library services and support library users.

What Does TNT Cover?

The Moodle platform includes information on:

  • E-Library (E-Books, E-Magazines, E-Audiobooks)
  • IT Hardware
  • Mobile devices (such as tablets, e-Readers and medial players
  • Social Media
  • Electronic Resources
  • Internet Searching
  • Collaborative Tools.

Every Local Authority has its own training section, with the course taking six weeks to complete.

Using the TNT Moodle Platform

To start improving your practical knowledge and explore new techology you can login to the Training in New Techologies website. If this is the first time you have used the Moodle platform please contact SLIC for your login details.