In 2015 Perth College UHI created a Personal Learning Network for library practitioners. The project was funded through our Innovation and Development Fund which supports ground-breaking and inspiring library projects throughout Scotland.

The PLN aims to help library staff in using digital services and online networks to support Continual Personal Development (CPD).

What is a Personal Learning Network?

A PLN is where an individual builds a relationship with a group of like-minded professionals with similar interests, projects or research topics. The relationship is often virtual with communication being made via social networks and other online tools.

Personal Learning Networks are based on the theory of Connectivism, where the learner connects with points in a network to develop knowledge and innovative practice.

How to use the PLN

You can follow the link below to the Personal Learning Network which is part of the Learning Technologies Centre in Perth College UHI. The unit, which is suitable for use across all library sectors, includes five formative tasks and takes around six hours in total to complete.

Click here to join the Personal Learning Network for Library Practitioners