3D Printing in Public Libraries

During 2016 SLIC introduced 3D printing facilities to every Local Authority in Scotland through Scottish Government funding. The #76,000 fund, supplied by the Government's Digital Participation Programme, not only allowed us to secure 3D printers and specialist equippment but also provide training. This allowed the few library services who had already introduced the innovative technology to further develop their services.  

3D printing supports a wide range of library activities and introduces digital technology to new audiences. The project also supports many of the key recommendations made in Ambition & Opportunity, Scotland's first public llibrary strategy.


3D Printing Report

In August 2016 SLIC conducted a report on the success of the 3D Printing Project. The report looked at many different elements, including:

  • Harware selection and procurement
  • Promotion of the 3D printing in libraries
  • 3D printing training
  • The introduction of 3D Printing Champions

For a more indepth look at our 3D Printing Project you can read the full report below.