Completing your PLIF Final Report Form

All successful PLIF applicants need to fill out a PLIF Final Report Form by the specified date.

You can complete the report below or alternatively download the PLIF Final Report Form and send the completed report to our office.

If you opt to complete the report online, you can save your form as you go and your details will be emailed to the address supplied. If you have any questions about the Final Report Form please email

Project Details

Project Manager contact details

1. Background
Please provide background information on your project.
2. Objectives
Please give details of your project objectives.
3. Scope
What was the scope of your project? Please give details.
4. Activities & Outcomes
What were the activities and outcomes of your project?
5. Impact, Evidence and Evaluation
Please give details of the impact of your project, providing evidence and an evaluation.
6. Project Management, Reporting & Monitoring Issues
Did you encounter any issues? If so, please give details.
7. Quality Management Issues
Did you have any quality management issues? If so, please give details.
8. Staffing Issues
Please let us know if you encountered any staffing issues.
9. Financial Issues
Did you encounter financial issues? If so please give details.
10. Sustainability Issues & Transferable Solutions
Please give details of any sustainability issues.

The information provided in this final report is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Project Manager
Head of Library Service or equivalent