Colourful shot of the Future Libraries inspiration wall, part of the 2016 SLIC/Carnegie UK Hackathon event.

A brand new Hackathon guide has been published by Carnegie UK Trust giving details of last year’s successful Future Libraries Hackathon. The four-day event held in October 2016, which was co-hosted by the Scottish Library and Information Council, was Scotland’s first public libraries focused hackathon aimed at ‘reimagining the role and functions of the public library’.

Hackathons: A Guide

Front page of the Carnegie UK Hackathon Guide, published March 2017

Working Together with Product Forge, the hackathon looked at how public libraries can work in different ways in order to be sustainable and relevant. The new report looks at the insights gained by hosting the Future Libraries Product Forge Event, the value of hackathons as a viable approach to producing new services and the merit in using hackathons for wider public services.

In the report you will find:

  • An overview of the Future Libraries Hackathon and insights gained from the event.
  • Practical guidance for hosting a hackathon.
  • Evidence which suggest more public libraries and public service providers should use open data.
  • An examination of the value of using hackathons in the wider public sector.


The Value of Hackathons

The report also includes details of the eventual winners, Library Go, and a selection of products created during the Hackathon.

Gillian Daly, Head of Policy and Projects for SLIC, said: “We are delighted Scottish public libraries are leading the way in developing digital products which help keep services in line with the needs and wants of library users.

“The Future Libraries Hackathon was a ground-breaking and inspirational event which has opened up lots of new possibilities. A hackathon can be a hugely valuable experience and easily adapted to suit many different services.”

You can read the full report by clicking on the link below.